New Adventures With Grandma

New Adventures With Grandma

The new book is her second. Her first book, Walking with Grandma, was published a year ago. “I got good feedback, and they sold well,” she said. “I had to do a second printing.”

New Adventures is longer than the first one, with 10 stories and 54 pages. During the Covid pandemic, Lehman began writing letters to her faraway young grandchildren about her daily walks among the nearby gardens, trees, and ponds, and these letters grew into stories. In these pages, Grandma Lois invites children aged three to nine along on her walks to discover friends among the animals, birds, plants and people that she meets.

“Every chapter in this book takes readers on a little journey of discovery, as she finds baby squirrels, fighting frogs, and clean swans—or are they dirty? She comforts a sad swan, helps a hungry goat, and spies on the biggest bullfrog ever!” wrote one reader.

“At home, she makes sure Grandpa Milton gets the dishes clean and doesn’t grow a ponytail! In ten generously illustrated stories, Grandma Lois shows how the world is full of little surprises and great kindness when we look with love.”

“This book is full of child-friendly drawings and child-friendly stories, with humorous asides,” wrote Carole Martignacco, poet and author. “I just love the companionability of the stories, as if I am taking Grandma’s hand and walking with her. Readers—any child, and any adult reading to them—will feel as if Grandma Lois is inviting them into her life. Her stories are very intimate, very lifelike.”

New Adventures with Grandma is available for $14 from Lois M. Lehman, 2203 Wheat Ridge Drive, Ephrata, PA 17522, 717-355-9280, or In addition to the book launch, Lehman will be reading to children from her new book at a Story Hour on Saturday, November 5, at 10 a.m. in the Wheat Ridge Gathering Room.


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"With a twinkle in her eye, Grandma Lois invites young children along to explore rural nature, and discover friends among the animals, birds, plants, and other people, too, that she meets. Walking with Grandma is a real treasure!"

Lois Lehman, Rachel Garber, & John Mackley

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Walking with Grandma